Add Banana On Your Beauty Tips

Ripe Bananas are one of the most popular fruit which is available in all season just love it.It’s a healthy fruits which is including vitamins A,B,C and E with minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Add it in your daily diet and keep healthy yourself. Do you know, how you can use banana as a beauty ingredient? Let’s discuss some beauty tips of banana.

1 - Take half ripe banana, mash it, and apply on your face and neck. Keep it for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with Luke warm water. It’s a natural moisturizer for dry skin. If you have very dry or dull skin, you can add honey. This banana helps to remove black pigmentation.

2 – Mash ripe banana, add 2 tsp lemon juice, mix well, and apply on your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.You will get glowing face. This face mask helps in reduction of spots and blemishes.

3 – Add sugar with mash ripe banana, apply on your face, and massage it in circular motion. Then wash off your face. It’s a natural scrubbing cream. Banana works as a moisturizer and sugar helps to remove dead cell.

4 – Mash avocado and banana, apply on your skin, and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash off. This pack works as an anti-aging cream. Try this pack at home, say good bye for aging problem.

5 - Say good bye for puffy eyes. Mash half a banana and apply around your puffy eyes. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, wash it with cold water. The puffiness will vanish instantly.
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Potato Beauty Tips For Any Hair Problem

Potatoes have been a basic part of everyone's eating methodology. These are a standout amongst the most broadly utilized vegetables that are found within very nearly every kitchen around the world. Considering the way that potatoes are the fourth biggest nourishment trims after rice, wheat and maize, they structure a vital piece of the world's food.
Does anybody know, potato is used for beauty tips? But it’s true. You can use potato as beauty ingredient. Let’s talk about it how you could use it hair beauty tips.
Some hair beauty tips of potato

1 - Take one potato, grates it, squeeze the water, keep it in a bowl, add one egg, curd, mix them well. Make a fine pack. Apply that on root of the hair and whole hair. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water, wash with normal shampoo. Do it once in 20 days for best result. This pack gives healthy and shiny hair.
2 - Peel to potato. Boil enough water in a pan and add potato peeling. Boil it for 20 minutes. Then strain the water in a glass or any container. Wash your hair in normal shampoo, rinse hair with that water. It helps to give natural black colour to your hair. Do it every alternate hair wash. It’s a good and natural treatment for grey hair.
3 - Are you suffering from hair loss problem? I have a homemade beauty recipe for solving your problem. Take 3 tsp of potato juice,3 tsp of aloe vera juice and 2 1 tsp of honey. Apply that mixture root of the hair.Leave it for 2 hrs.Wash of with your regular shampoo. For best result, do it twice in a week.

Hope those tips help you :)

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Natural Ways To Removing Unwanted Hair of Upper Lips

A large portion of the young ladies are confronting upper lip hair issue due to it face gets to be appalling and upper lips parcel shows dark.. You can evacuate it by treading for calmly however this methodology is the extremely frightful. Instructions to help from this furry issue forever?

Hair Removal Tips-

You can evacuate upper lips hair by utilizing hair evacuation cream. Apply smidgen cream on the upper lip and wipe it away with wet cotton, it forestalls burning issue. 
Shroud the hair issue by applying paste of turmeric.
Applying a pack of honey and turmeric powder before going bed, it will stop the hair development on that territory.
Make a pack of beet root or carrot juice with fresh milk cream, massage it on your upper lips, and after sometimes wash off with cold water.

Always prefer expert beautician for threading. 
Don’t use chemical hair bleaching for removing unwanted hair.
Always try to using natural product.
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Excellent Turmeric Powder Beauty Tips

Turmeric is a modest magnificence for wonderful skin. it acts like as a regular antiseptic, antibacterial medicine. It serves to cleaning the skin and bringing a long lasting common against maturing skin. It accessible in business effectively. Turmeric is likewise utilized as a part of everyday cooking food. You can utilize it as a magnificence item in a reasonable budget. Some turmeric excellence formulas
1-Prepare a pack of turmeric powder, water and sandalwood powder. Apply on your face and after 10 minutes wash off it. It cures acne issues.
2-Blend turmeric powder with two drops of mustard oil and few drops of lemon juice. Make a paste and apply it all over and rub it with round movement work 15 minutes and wash off with chill water. It works as scrubs.
3-Make a Pack of turmeric powder, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply over face and neck.It helps to remove dark spot on your face.
4-Turmeric is a faster remedy for wrinkle problem. Apply a pack of turmeric powder and butter milk over your face and neck. Keep it till dry. After wash off with cold water.
5-Make a bath scrubbing pack with turmeric powder and butter, massage it before bath. It removes dead cell and gives nourishing skin.
6-Apply turmeric and coconut oil paste on your cracked heel before bath. It cures cracked heel problem
7-Make a pack of milk and turmeric powder; rub it whole body before bath. It gives glowing skin.
8-Grind raw turmeric with neem leaves , make a paste, apply it whole body,After some times take bath with cold water,it kills germs on your body.
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Natural Beauty Tips For Under Eye Wrinkles and Dark Circle

We ought to think about that. It's regular for everybody due to unpleasant life style, don't stress over that. Such a variety of foundations for dull loop, for example, absence of slumber, ill-advised eating regimen, stress, admission liquor and smoking, menstrual problems,aging,excess daylight and so forth. I have some hand crafted solutions for evacuating under eye issue, for example, wrinkles and dim round which are simple and financially savvy tips.

  • Massage almond oil over your face before going bed. It helps to remove dark circle and wrinkle issue.
  • Keep cucumber slice on your eyes for 15 minutes. It gives you refreshing eye.
  • Apply mint juice in dark circle area of your eyes. It helps to keep your eyes cool.
  • Apply a thin coat on under eyes area by index finger, after sometimes wash off it with cold water and get wrinkle free eye.
  • Deep cotton ball into rose water, keep it in your closed eyes for 15 minutes.
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Four Budget Friendly Beauty Tips

Everybody needs plan benevolent magnificence tips implies inside your funding how would show signs of improvement regular excellence tips .Is it conceivable?
1-Add one table spoon of sugar with any cleanser, make a paste and massage into your face and neck, after some time wash off it with plain water. It works as a natural face scrub and gives you clean face.
2-Make a mixture oil of olive oil (2 tsp) and baby oil (1 tsp), store in a bottle. When you want to remove your makeup such as mascara or eyeliner, take a little bit of oil in cotton ball, wipe over eye. There is no side effect.
3-If you have cracked heels, don’t worry about that and don’t buy any costly feet cream.Buy olive oil, take little bit of oil in your palm, rub it in cracked heel before going to bed, after rubbing wear cotton socks. Do it for some days and see the result and get the soft heel.
4-Take a small piece of beet root, rub into your lip. You will get pink color lips. It’s natural lipstick and no side effect is there.
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