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Monday, January 16, 2012

Best 2 Homemade Tips for Wrinkles Around Eyes

Most of the people are suffering wrinkles under eyes problem because of stress,less sleeping at night,taking medicine frequently etc. You can avoid this problem by using some cosmetic products or natural products which use in your daily kitchen room. How to remove the wrinkles,some natural tips are following below.
  • Take same amount means 3 tsp of fresh milk and honey, mix it and warm slightly. Apply around the effected eye areas and keep it about half one hour then wash with warm water. Follow this procedure about one month then you will get the good result.

  • Take some grated potato and mix with grape juice in a white clean cloth. Tie a knot and keep this bag on your eye for about half an hour. This process can continue simultaneously for both eyes. You can relief from under eye wrinkles.

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