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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Find Eye Makeup Tips You Simply Should Not Miss

Putting on makeup is not always easy! A completely different task depending on their colour, their shape and style that the experts want to offer them: smoky-eyes, smoky makeup or cat's eye, all possibilities that sometimes require some explanation. Make-up guide and user guide trends and flagship products for perfect eye makeup. Real weapon of seduction, the look must be highlighted with the help of a beautiful makeup. For this, you must have in mind a few simple rules. We share with you his secrets for a look to make more than one fall! To have the look that kills, it works! Make a smoky-eyes, highlight the colour of her eyes or hide the flaws of the eyes, these are some tips to become an expert eye makeup. The eye makeup tips are as below.

How To Do Bridal Eye Makeup ?

source : blingsparkle.com

Stages Of  Bridal Makeup

The beauty of the bride goes through several stages. Regarding makeup, it is essential to know how to highlight one of our finest assets: our eyes! Here are some tips to guide you on the subject. This is normal, the day of your wedding you want to feel the most beautiful of the party. All eyes will be on you all the time and you'll have to be on top! 

Different Eye Make Up Styles

You can opt for different makeup styles. This one can be nude for a more natural effect. It can give pride of place to the colour if you are rather extroverted. It can also be smoky or Lebanese for a "femme fatale" look. We choose the colour of her makeup according to that of her eyes. 

Tips For Colour Eye Makeup

If yours are blue, use copper colours, coral and orange. For green eyes, the ideal is purple or pink. Brown eyes can dare a wide range of colours, avoiding shades too dark if you do not want to darken your eyes. The same goes for black eyes. For your eye makeup to be perfect until the end of the evening, Audrey advises you to apply a primer on your eyelids before applying the makeup, then a fixing spray at the end of makeup for optimal hold.

How To Do Smokey Eye Make Up ? 


Tips To Make The  Eyes More Seductive

The makeup of smoky eyes or as it is known in English the Smokey eyes is one of those makeups that never goes out of style, this is ideal to make us look more seductive and sexy, but also to give a more dramatic touch to your look. This is an ideal makeup for you to use it at night outings or for special events. If you are looking for perfect Smokey eyes, in this post we will explain step by step how to achieve a smoky eye makeup in minutes and without dying in the attempt. A smoky eye makeup is not easy to achieve. Most of the time, if we do not know the correct techniques, we end up seeing ourselves as a raccoon.

Perfect Techniques Of  Smokey Eye Makeup
Smoky eye makeup is a technique that makes any type of look stand out. Well applied, the Smokey eye technique helps both large and small eyes look sensational. A good way to make our Smokey eyes make a lot more impact is combining shades of different colours to get bigger and better effects. Dazzle at any party or social event that you intend to attend. 

Tips For Eye Shadow Colors To Be Combined With 
To make up smoky eyes, do not limit yourself to black and white shadows. Of course, dark shadows create a smoky style but accents in colours such as pink or purple will brighten the look. This is one part of the eye makeup tips.

How To Do Engagement Eye Makeup ?

Whether it is a luxury event or a more intimate one, such as a lunch or dinner with the closest family and godparents, the occasion merits an extra touch of elegance and romance for the look. 

Tips To Create An Incredible Makeup For Special Day
Bet on a romantic look to celebrate the long-awaited marriage proposal. The pink tones are always welcome for these occasions, as they help to balance the style and give it an air of delicacy. Invest in shades with pastel shades.

How To Do Blue Eye Makeup?

Source :afmu.net

Stages Of Perfect Blue Eye Makeup 
The first thing that we must take into account in this type of makeup is that whatever shade of blue you are looking for this makeup does not have to be extravagant and not go unnoticed. It is much simpler than we imagine. We can make use of a makeup in blue colours to enhance our look and change the makeup to which we are accustomed. 
Be Precious With Blue Eyes
The blue eyes are the most precious and most exotic, especially in countries such as Spain or in countries of Latin America where being brown with brown eyes is the most common. It is a colour of eyes that attracts a lot of attention and receives many compliments on its own. In this article, however, let's see some blue eyes makeup tips to enhance the colour and make it more intense. We will also see some makeup proposals with colours that we think combine well with blue eyes, some natural and others more striking.

Some Concluding Tips

Hope that you have been satisfied with the eye makeup tips we have given. 

Tips To Make The  Makeup Longer
To make our makeup last longer, it is important to start by applying the pre-base eye shadows all over the eyelid to below the eyebrow. Add the white jumbo in brushstrokes and blend with the fingertip. The jumbo is a creamy shade in the shape of a pencil that helps to fix the makeup on the eyelids and to highlight the colours of the shadows applied above. With the flat brush, apply the blue eye shadow on the entire eyelid. With the brush in the form of a pencil, take the brown shadow and apply it where the blue ends, that is to say where the end of the eye is and rising in the eye arch to gently blur the blue. Blur the 2 shades gently with the brush diffuser.

Tips To Make The Makeup Lighter
It gives more light in the lower area of the eyebrow by applying a shade of champagne colour or pale light beige. To enhance the look, delineates with the electric blue eye-liner (or a similar colour) the part under the eyelashes. Put the light brown shadow above that line with the pencil brush. Add the brown eye-liner inside the eye.

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